Alerted to the upcoming event in Uzès last Sunday of the “Fête d’Olives” I was up early to take in all that it had to offer as I was heading out to lunch with friends.

Already at 10am, many stalls had been set up in Place aux Herbes and right near the large fountain was the star of the show – an Olive Tree!

I watched with interest as a crowd quietly gathered around the fountain for what I realised was a demonstration in pruning an olive tree. A suitably attired arborist began her spiel and I waited and waited for some action!

Meanwhile it was time to investigate the various olive products on display – oils of various grades, some medal winning, olives for eating, tapenades in attractive pots for spreading on little toasts as an aperitif accompaniment.

“Do you want to taste the olive oils Madame?” Actually I was not sure! having just had a lovely milky coffee with breakfast, but “as in Rome” so I thought I should try.

Suffice to say- sipping olive oil off plastic spoons first up on a Sunday morning was probably not my most favourite moment, but I did buy some lovely olive oil! Tip to myself: next time I will buy a baguette first to dip into the spoon!

Finally, there was action at the fountain and the arborist was using her saw instead of just her voice – I watched and filmed in expectation.


The interviewer with the interesting hair was invited to assist as she found herself struggling and then “Voilà” it was done – a smallish branch had been lopped off to rapturous applause. Perhaps you had to be there to appreciate all the preamble but I was rather underwhelmed.

However, being a fine if not cool day after a week of rain – nothing was going to stop this being a successful event in this southern region of olive trees and oil production.

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