If you are looking to visit a couple of wineries that are not far from Uzès for a tasting then I have a couple of suggestions to make.

Domaine Deleuze-Rochetin

wine degustationOne of my favourites for the pretty drive to nearby Arpaillargues and also the welcoming staff and the expert commentary given. For those visitors that do not speak French – relax! English is spoken as well.

While this winery is in a very contemporary building its history is very old and the surrounding “terroir” has supported vines since the Middle Ages and belonged to several families.

The winery became known as Domain Deleuze initially in 1820 but later Gabrielle Rochetin managed it until the 20th century and descendants of both families have worked the land and are responsible for the success of its products. They have gradually converted to organic farming and restored the dynamic balance of the ecosystem.

There is also actually a walking route mapped out that you can follow and become familiar with all the different types of grapes that they use to make their many varieties of wine “Promenade autour de La Grande Vigne”.
I believe it takes around and hour and a half to do the complete circuit and a picnic would make for an excellent outing.

Upstairs at the winery, there is a large art gallery which mounts exhibitions from time to time.

Domain DeleuzeMeanwhile for degustation, there are a lovely variety of wines to suit a range of tastes including shiraz (syrah), grenache, merlot, cabernet, chardonnay, grenache blanc and viognier.



Domaine Deleuze-Rochetin – Route d’Uzès – Chemin du Moulin
ARPAILLARGUES (3km from Uzès)
+33 (0) 4 66 59 65 27 Wines Les lys

Head towards Arpaillargues in the direction of Blauzac for the next winery:

Les Lys

A very different winery compared with Deleuze – Rochetin as the tasting room is perched above the wine making process which uses the latest technology but still uses traditional oak barrels for cellaring. The day we ventured there, the one of the owners dashed out of a meeting to offer us a taste of the available wines until another member of staff could take over.

The vines here are young in comparison and are between 10 – 25 years of age and include chardonnay, sauvignon, grenache, syrah, cinsault and cabernet – many in blended styles such as the grenache & syrah Rosé.

wine awards les lysThe only problem you will have is deciding whether to take a taxi or your car and if the latter – how to decide who is going to be the designated driver!

Domaine Les Vignes du Lys
Blauzac +33 (0) 4 66 03 16 37

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